“Monika has the great gift of being able to offer support and share her great knowledge in an approachable way. Her insight can help inspire people who want to jump into a healthier balance in their lives, but she is also a great partner for those who are further along in their Journey of health and wellness and need a fresh perspective to give new ideas and approaches. We all need re-energized at times and Monika is the perfect person for this role. We have LOVED having her offer new ideas, small or big changes and just talk through finding balance in life even in the midst of all the busy-ness.”
Nicole Sohn, Co-Owner of Journey Discovery Center
“I have had the good fortune to be coached and supported my Monika in meeting my health wellness goals. Monika is a highly professional and focused listener who provides practical, reliable and useful information and recommendations relating to nutrition and many other essential elements of healthy living.”
Tom R.

“I’ve worked with nutrition/wellness coach Monika Jacobson for four years now. Her endless encouragement and patience coupled with her vast expertise and level-headed, inspirational counsel has been lifechanging. Together we’ve set short- and long-term goals and challenges in a range of areas—from raising my fitness level for a specific endurance event, to strengthening my habit of daily activity, to upping my veggie intake as I moved toward a more plant-based diet, to kick-starting a more consistent habit of cooking for myself. Monika has been in my corner every step of the way as I worked to identify and build new habits around my health and nutrition. Her superpower is meeting me wherever I am. She intuitively knows how to provide just the right kind of motivation and support to nudge me in the most helpful ways to support my goals. With her easy and creative recipes and regular check-ins, Monika actually got me cooking, which was no small feat! I continue to rely on her for recipe inspiration when the weekly farm box arrives.”

“What can I say about Monika? She is the best!!!! I was in one of the pioneer groups at Arivale and was lucky enough to get Monika as my coach. I have worked with her for 4+ years. I am diabetic, but after my first blood draw, unbeknownst to me, I had other health issues that needed to be addressed. After a year of Monika helping me to work on my diet, exercise plan, changing up my supplements, and overall holding me accountable, I was able to improve 15 bio-markers. It was an amazing journey for me. I felt so much better and looked healthier. My energy level was up. I wanted to be more active (had to reach my daily Fitbit steps!!), and felt my disposition was healthier. I owe this to Monika who stayed close with me, kept me accountable and rode the journey with me. I am so close to my weight goal……with Monika’s guidance, I know I will get there. She says the last five pounds are the hardest!! I was very sad to see Arivale close its doors, but this opens up new doors and a continuing journey for me to share with Monika.”
Jodi O.
“My husband and I have consistently struggled with dinner plans for our family, making it one of our most dreaded conversations each day (What are we having? Who’s going to the store? When are we going to try something new? etc). With Monika’s guidance and strategies, we have been able to implement weekly meal-planning practices that have saved us time, money, and frustration! Even more, she has helped us with planning wholesome – and quick! – meals, which is so key when you have a busy family and work life. I can’t tell you how much nicer and more fun our evenings are as a family now that we not only have dinner plans figured out days ahead of time (and the food in the kitchen to make it!), but we also have the time to try new dinners and new flavors! Monika made implementing this change in our lives so accessible with her guidance, communication, and hands-on tools. We are so thankful for her help!”