How to Thrive in a World of Toxins

By Katelan Head, Dietetic Intern & Monika Jacobson, RDN How to get chemical toxins out of your home and life We’ve all heard lots of tips and tricks on how to eliminate toxins from our [...]

Your Holiday Gift Guide to Thrive!

The holidays are a beautiful time of year that brings friends and family together to celebrate. Gift giving is just one small part of this joyous season. This year, give your loved ones something that [...]

Talking All Things KETO!

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked, "What do you think about the keto diet?" I would be a wealthy woman-or at least I would be able to comfortably pay for childcare [...]

Media Portfolio

Podcasts The Ambiguity Project (December 2019)   Print Mindful Eating: 7 Things That Happen to You When You Try Mindful Eating, According to People Who've Done It Parade Magazine November 2019     Sweet Deluge: [...]

Overnight Oat Jars

We have all heard it. “Breakfast is the important meal of the day.” Is this true? Well, I would argue it’s pretty important! Eating within 60 minutes of waking helps fuel your body for the [...]