I recently came across one of those Facebook posts that was a total slap in the face, cue the tears, hug my kids-kind of a post. It described how we only have 18 summers with our kids before they leave the nest!! I mean, seriously? I immediately thought of all the things I haven’t done in the summers with my 2 kids. After a minor panic, I remembered there have been SO MANY amazing memories made already. There is something to say about having LESS plans in the summer (or year-round for that matter). I tend to pack it in so I’m constantly challenging myself to slow down and not make the plans.

Nevertheless, I decided to put together a Summer Bucket List for the second half of this summer. Here it is!

  1. Go fishing with my kids
  2. Have a picnic dinner
  3. Listen to live music at Rocket Market
  4. Outside wine tasting
  5. Bike Centennial Trail with kids
  6. Go camping with my kids at least twice
  7. Beach day in Coeur d Alene
  8. Preserve my garden veggies/berries
  9. Find four-leaf clovers with my daughter
  10. Get out in my kayak!
  11. Lap swim at city pools (at least 3 times!)
  12. Watch for shooting stars
  13. Make homemade ice cream
  14. Visit a new park
  15. Hike Palisades Park trail
  16. Take the kids to at least 1 Indian’s baseball game
  17. Pick peaches at Green Bluff
  18. Ride Lime scooters
  19. Buy lemonade from kids
  20. Make homemade popsiclesmake homemade popsicles