The Ambiguity Project (December 2019)



Mindful Eating: 7 Things That Happen to You When You Try Mindful Eating, According to People Who’ve Done It

Parade Magazine

November 2019




Sweet Deluge: Treats are OK in candy season if balanced with nutrition, dental care

Spokesman Review

October 2019

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12 Tips to Finally Stop Overeating on the Weekends


October 2019

Friends eating burgers and trying to figure out how to stop overeating











Gone Fishing: What You Need to Know About the Pescatarian Diet


September 2019

Gone Fishing: What You Need To Know About The Pescatarian Diet












Want to avoid gaining weight this Christmas? Stay away from these foods

Krem 2 (2017)


Healthy Holiday Season – Easy, healthy appetizer demo!

Krem 2 (2017)

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